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What does Additional Options mean?

Additional factors to consider when purchasing a particular thermal printer are its available options. These options may include:

• Different print modes: label cutter, peel, liner take-up, tear, rewind, etc.
• Real-time clock for printing the time and expiration date.
• Advance counter for alerting users when it is time to change media, perform preventive maintenance, etc.
• Communication options: parallel, serial, USB, wired or wireless Ethernet, twinax or coax cables, etc.
• Memory options: PCMCIA/Flash memory, upgradeable DRAM.
• Font options: Scalable vs. bitmap, non-Roman Asian font sets for international characters such as Chinese and Japanese, TrueType®fonts, etc.

Any of these options can help the printer meet application needs more closely and enhance the operator’s productivity. The peel mode option, for example, can facilitate quicker label application. In peel mode, the printer separates the label from its liner backing, so rather than removing it manually, the user can simply take the label and affix it. Such timesaving options greatly facilitate label output and in some cases even improve worker morale.

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