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Greenlea Premier Meats Limited

Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company which has grown rapidly since operations began in 1993. The company is comprised of 2 modern Beef processing plants and operates two back to back 8 hour shifts, 6 days per week and has a staff of over 250.

Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd prides itself as being a technically advanced processing company and as such requires and takes advantage of the latest technology in all areas including production data collection and reporting.

With this in mind we approached R.A.C.E Services Limited in 2003 for the provision of a ‘Carton Weigh Label’ replacement for our existing obsolete proprietary system. Some requirements were; an open source solution, ability to integrate with our existing peripheral hardware and SQL based ERP system, customizable with extremely robust hardware.
We approached other companies for a solution but were very impressed by R.A.C.E engineering’s ‘can do’ attitude and their confidence in overcoming issues such as compatibility and integration.

The R.A.C.E engineering designed touch screens (R.I.T.S) have proven to be very rugged and waterproof and have the advantage of running the latest versions of Microsoft Windows O.S. They are also comprised of fairly generic hardware which will be an advantage for future upgrading and maintenance.

We have since expanded our initial ‘Carton Weigh Label’ 6 touch screen installation to add the R.A.C.E Weigh Grade system comprising of 3 touch screens and have another 2 touch screens used in other data capture areas.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our relationship with R.A.C.E is the fact that with an enquiry or assistance request you are not ‘bounced’ around a large faceless organization, the software developers and hardware personnel are always available.

Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd looks forward to expanding Production data and Software solutions in conjunction with R.A.C.E Services Ltd.

Alan Hurford
I.T. Manage


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