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Company Profile

R.A.C.E. Services Ltd began in the Christchurch area in 1996, as a service provider of thermal and data capture systems in the meat industries throughout New Zealand.

Recognising that many other companies also used label printers, R.A.C.E. Services Ltd then expanded to provide a nationwide repair and sales service to numerous offices, warehouses, and production plants that used the same and similar thermal printers. R.A.C.E. Services Ltd provides for all labelling hardware and software needs.

In 1997 R.A.C.E. Services Ltd branched into the Wireless Networking business, providing wireless networks for a local ISP. This then expanded into providing this same service to private companies wishing to take advantage of this economical and efficient communications medium to link their local networks over 'line of site' distances without ongoing leasing costs. This business is ever growing.

Another addition to the R.A.C.E. Services Ltd product line are bar code products. We can supply bar code readers in varying configurations from small handheld wands to laser readers, portable or fixed position scanners for industry and POS, to handheld programmable devices for stocktaking and remote collection of data.

R.A.C.E. Services Ltd now manufacture industrial ip65 rated, fully enclosed, touch screen PCs, ip65 rated industrial barcode scanners and stainless steel printer cabinets.

Our software development services have now grown into a very large part of the business. As our experience in industrial environments is considerable, we appreciate the software requirements for our industrial clients. We have developed numerous applications for a large number of companies throughout New Zealand.

R.A.C.E. Services Ltd now have fully customizable Cartons Weigh Labelling and Carcass Weigh Grade systems available for integration into meat, fish, plus other food processing plants.

The company's clients include many of New Zealand's biggest and most progressive companies, both large and small, from the small timber mill to the major retailer, no customer being too big or too small.

Our goal is to provide customers with the right product or service to meet their needs. This ensures that our customers maintain their competitive edge as we provide excellent products and services.

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New Zealand: 0800 100 002 - Christchurch: +64 3 344 2995 - Auckland: +64 9 415 7043

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