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R.A.C.E. Carcass Weigh Grade System (CWG)

The R.A.C.E. Carcass Weigh Grade System provides carcass grading for beef, sheep, goats, pigs, deer or any user defined carcass type. The system is designed for total user configurability, there are 42 multi-function hot-keys available for the selection of sexes, grades, muscling, defects (diseases), dressing faults, destinations and comments - all of which are user configurable.

The grading system is designed for ease of use and speed of data entry - all buttons and on-screen information is large and easily accessed or read.

The Carcass Weigh Grade system works with the R.A.C.E. Management Suite (RMS) product. All grading data can be viewed and edited via the RMS, configurations are also administered from the RMS. Data is exposed using an MSDE database, or alternatively, XML or CSV data export files can be produced.

Our software has been designed using Microsoft development products and uses Windows XP Professional as it's standard platform. With almost 20 years experience in the meat industry we understand that different companies have different requirements, which is why we encourage them to actively work with us so we can provide the most suitable and effective software solution possible.

The complete Weigh Grade package includes a RITS (R.A.C.E. Industrial Touch Screen PC) and barcode printer. We can configure our software to work with your onsite hardware (e.g. Barcode Printers, Scales...) to reduce installation costs.

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- Multiple scales input (for detain chain)
- Up to 42 defects/dressing faults/comments
- Stand alone or multiple networked stations
- Manual mob entry
- Fully redundant in case of network failure
- Ear tag scanning
- RFID compatible
- Label printer selection
- Bodies can be in sides or quarters
- Default grades and muscling classes

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At R.A.C.E. Services Ltd we are able to provide custom-built software solutions for clients.

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