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R.A.C.E. Carton Weigh Label System (CWL)

The R.A.C.E. Carton Weigh Label (CWL) system is an industrial system designed primarily with the product manufacturer in mind. It provides order entry, label printing, carton verification and has 480 configurable hot keys on 12 pages to suit every packaging requirement, each page is colour coded and user labelled for easy identification.

Order entry is provided for specific customer product requirements. The R.A.C.E. CWL can be stand-alone for single users or networked for multiple station requirements. Remote management is also provided to edit, manipulate and report on production.

A special feature of our software is real time carton validation, whereby produced cartons are validated against the database, removing duplicate and phantom carton records.

This system was developed using Microsoft Development products allowing interfacing to customer's existing databases like Access, SQL, Navision etc.

The complete CWL package includes a RITS (R.A.C.E. Industrial Touch Screen PC), scales, printer and validation barcode reader, all in ip65 enclosures for your investment protection.

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- 12 pages of 40 hot keys per page for product selection
- Password entry for user and supervisors
- Production viewing from work station
- Order viewing from work station
- Label orientation selection
- Shift selection (2 shifts)
- Multiple user selection
- Carton barcode validation to remove phantoms
- Abiltiy to interface to RFID for carton tracking
- MS Access or SQL database connectivity
- Carton deletion
- Carton reprint
- Carton relabel
- Part carton entry

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At R.A.C.E. Services Ltd we are able to provide custom-built software solutions for clients.

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