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R.A.C.E. Managment Suite (RMS)

The R.A.C.E. Management Suite (RMS) is the controlling software application for the R.A.C.E. software products designed for the Meat Processing industry.

The RMS administers all configurations and production data that is produced from the R.A.C.E. Weigh Grade software. It will also provide the administration and data management for our future versions of the R.A.C.E. Carton Weigh Label system.

The RMS layout resembles the Windows Explorer or Enterprise Manager layouts - used for ease of use and fast navigation of data and configurations. Exporting of all production data is made easy by highly configurable export options - whch include XML and numerous CSV formatted types. Exporting is performed by date selection.

There are a number of reports available to be generated. All reports can be viewed on-screen with ability to print to a windows printer, reports can also (if requested) be exported to PDF, HTML or XLS formats for use within Intranets or other office scenarios.

Editing of configuration 'sets' is easily performed, all Weigh Grade and Mob Entry settings are made from the RMS and are downloaded to user specified stations. Carcass details (Weigh Grade) can also be edited from within the RMS.

The software is developed using Microsoft development tools using MSDE databases as the backend. We can configure our software to work with your existing onsite systems, increasing the ease of integration and reducing installation costs.

Our software has been designed with customisation in mind. With almost 20 years in the meat industry we understand that different companies have different requirements for their software. Which is why we encourage them to actively work with us, so we can provide the most suitable software solution possible.


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0800 100 002 (NZ only) sales@race.co.nz

+64 3 344 2995 (International)


- Security level based User System
- Explorer style layout for ease of use and navigation
- Total control of configurations on stations (Mob, Weigh Grade...)
- Total control of production data from stations
- Facitlity to edit production data
- Comprehensive selection of production and yield reports
- Views real-time production data into XML or CSV formats

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At R.A.C.E. Services Ltd we are able to provide custom-built software solutions for clients.

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New Zealand: 0800 100 002 - Christchurch: +64 3 344 2995 - Auckland: +64 9 415 7043

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