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Custom Software Development

We use Microsoft Development Tools for the majority of our custom made software. We are trained in Microsoft programming languages and enjoy using these technologies to provide custom built software solutions for our valued clients.

At R.A.C.E. Services Ltd we are able to provide custom-built software solutions for clients. We have many years experience in the field of Information Systems and our expertise cover a wide range of development tools and techniques.

Development tools we have frequently used in the past cover languages such as Visual Basic, Pearl and Java. Our software solutions will often require 'backend' database products to retain vital data. To do this, we will use the database most suited to our clients integration needs. Our common databases in the past have been Microsoft Access and SQL (MSDE).

Our specialist areas of software development includes:

  • Product Traceability
  • Barcoding Solutions
  • Product Validation
  • Product Processing

A high percentage of our development software solutions are considered 'Mission Critical' by our clients.

Feel free to ring or contact us about any software solutions that you may want to discuss with us.


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