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Socket Mobile: Top Seven Things to do with ScannerSettings

If you are using a Socket Mobile barcode scanner with an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch, don't forget to install the ScannerSettings app — it's a great resource available free on Apple App Store that will make configuring your scanner a piece of cake!
Using a scanner with Android, Windows or BlackBerry devices? No problem! SocketScan 10 keyboard wedge software includes a Scanner Settings component with most of the same features as the ScannerSettings iOS app. Just make sure your scanner is in SPP (Serial Port Profile) mode.

Here are the top seven things you can do with the ScannerSettings app for iOS:

1. Factory Reset - Did you screw up your scanner big time? Need to start over fresh with the scanner's default settings? The ScannerSettings app includes onscreen barcodes that you can scan to quickly revert the scanner to factory settings. Note: this only works with imager-based barcode scanners (i.e., CHS 7Ci, 7Di, 7DiRx, 7Xi, and 7XiRx).


2. Wireless Mode Change - By default, CHS barcode scanners are in HID mode. If you want to use an app with embedded support for the CHS (i.e., one developed with SocketScan 10 SDK), you'll need to change the scanner to iOS mode. ScannerSettings has a handy onscreen barcode that lets you do just that. (Again this works only with imager-based scanners.)

wireless mode

3. Scanner Properties - When a Socket scanner is connected to your device, you can view important properties such as the Bluetooth friendly name (this is how your scanner appears to other devices in a Bluetooth search), Bluetooth Device Address, type of scanner, firmware version and battery level.


4. Beep, LED and Vibrate Settings - By default, the CHS confirms a good scan with a beep, green LED flash and vibration. If all this is getting you overstimulated, or if you work in a library, for example, and need to scan quietly, ScannerSettings lets you enable/disable any of these settings to better suit your personal preferences and work environment.


5. Suffix Settings - By default, Socket scanners add a carriage return to the end of decoded data. ScannerSettings lets you either disable the suffix or change the suffix to tab or another character of your choice.

6. Symbologies - Simply select "ON" or "OFF" to enable or disable the symbologies (types of barcodes) that the scanner will decode.


7. Test - Scan a barcode to find out its symbology, number of characters, and data, which can viewed in ASCII or Hexadecimal format.

Want to learn more? Why not download ScannerSettings and give it a try?

Download from Apple App Store
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