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TSC ME240 Series

The TSC ME-240 is created to endure the hardest production environments. The ME-240 features a heavy-duty print engine created of die-cast aluminum, which is housed in an all-metal frame. Due to it's low-profile little-footprint blueprint, the ME-240 fits effortlessly in tight work spaces that are frequently too cramped for bigger manufacturing printers. Standard features incorporate Ethernet, Universal Serial Bus, Universal Serial Bus-A Hosting, true time clock and serial association, a 6-button 3-Flat Panel display, 8MB of DRAM memory, 4 MB of Flash memory and an SD card slot for cheaply adding up to 4 GB of Flash memory.


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Printing Type: Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer - what's this?
Resolution: 203dpi - what's this?
Print Width: Up to 4.09 inches / 152 mm - what's this?
Print Length: 2,286mm / 90" - what's this?
Interface: USB 2.0, RS-232 - what's this?
Additional Options: Centronics, Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless - what's this?

Applications: Manufacturing
• Asset Tracking
• Finished Goods Marking
• Case Labels
Distribution and Logistics
• Cross Docking
• Sorting Centers
• Shipping Labels
• Pallet Tracking
• Specimen Tracking
• Records Labeling
• Product Identification
• Shipping Labels
• Compliance Labels
• Product Identification
• Track and Trace
• Pick Lists


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